Friday, 6 January 2017

January 2017

Well, I have posted here for a loooonnnnnnnngggg time.  I know!  But I am quite excited about this month's National Papercrafting Campaign!  So, had to start again!  In the month of January ONLY! 
Watch this!!!!!  Welcome Home Wreath!

Gorgeous huh!! I have already made one... thinking of doing another. I plan to have this one in my craft room. It is just a fraction smaller than 12x12. You can add any lettering you want as in the kit you receive two pages of alphabet gold stickers (heaps left over for other projects!  You can use as many of these flowers, succulents, leaves as you like, put them together as you like.
How do you get this?

There are 4 ways you can get this kit

*           Purchase it for $32 from my website

*           Get it for from WITH a qualifying order of $90 from my website (suggestions below)  take                note that you will automatically qualify for a heavy discount on the Stamp of the Month                      worth $30.50... you will get for $7.50 to view this gorgeous stamp here ps double click for a              large view!

*           it is free with a $90 order (also makes you eligible for stamp of the month)
             If you are new to crafting I can help you put together a basic kit that would cover roughly 
             this cost.  If you are a scrapbooker, cardmaker or general papercrafter already, it is probably 
             the time to think of those basic items you will be needing in the future ie albums, memory 
             protectors, adhesive refills, papers, stickers, fundamental packs, cardstock, cards and 
             envelopes, stamp pads, that stamp you have been saving up for, card, pens, adhesive refills 
             etc, blocks, cleaners………
*           hold a party and get second tier orders (ie $350 – not hard to do this month I think) and you 
             will get one free

*           sign up as a consultant and it will be added to your already heavily discounted kit!  Visit my                FAQs Consultant Page here or contact me if you have any questions.

$90 qualifying order must be full retail product but includes Stamp of the Month (SOTM), it does not include freight.  Offer is valid 1 January to 31 January 2017 while stocks last.  Normal freight charges apply. 

The kit includes the following:
  • chipboard wreath base
  • gold foil alphabet stickers
  • die-cut shapes including flowers, leaves, and more
  • step-by-step instructions

AND      I will be holding  a class.   It will be in February.  So if you would like to come to the class 
              with the wreath included, you will need to pay $50 (kit included) or $18 (bring your own                   kit). You will need to pay before 20th January into my account (other options available).  

              Tools required are your own 

               *  adhesive, 
               *  quilling tool
               *  bone folder

                   also non essential items but could be handy

               *  scissors
               *  liquid glass
               *  shimmer pen (gold or silver)

The other bits and pieces will be part of the class (includes sponge or daubers, ink pads, glue           dots, liquid glass, foam).  A part of this ($10) could also go towards your $90 minimum                     requirement if needed.  There will be a lot of lettering left over (a full alphabet + in gold)

If you would like to join one of my classes please contact me.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Yes, a fantastic month to join with extra goodies (that haven't been released to the general public yet)

You are Welcome Here :)

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Haven't written for a while, but I will be posting for those of you interested in "Joining my Team".... 

As from 1st July (for the month of July) there will be an exciting extra promotion..... watch this space!

Monday, 4 April 2016


Hi, have you ever thought about joining Close to my Heart.... now is the time to have an extra think......  what would it be like ..... could it be something that might work for you....... how would it work for you........

Well, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on it all....

I joined up as a consultant in 2004 with another company as I had seen some beautiful work that others had done and KNEW I wanted to do this.  But other times when I had tried to get my photos in order, the rest of my life just got in the way.  So, I had three other people (my Mum and two friends) who all wanted to do this too!  So I joined up as a consultant and between the four of us it was enough for me to stay afloat.  Looking back I remember will I make it, now I think so what if I don't!!!  Anyway, over time more and more people wanted to come along and I have now moved to a position where ALL my stuff I get for free (plus more), I earn extra off it and I have a team!  This was not the original agenda but it just naturally grew and now I have a different mindset.  I WANT to help others to do the same as I have done.  I WANT to hold events (love doing this) and I also WANT to hold crafting retreats!!  Many of the people I have met via this business have become my friends. A great way to do what you love while earning that extra cash!

Anyway, are you wondering what it all has to do with YOU!!!???  Well, that was just to show you there are sooooooo many different types of people in this business.  Some LOVE to papercraft and they get their product at heavily reduced prices (and some free), some like to build a small business out of it and enjoy the flexibility to make it work around their lifestyles and some like to make a full time business out of it.  Of course, there are other options like joining one of my clubs, or holding a loyalty card....  whatever appeals and whatever "fits"!!!

That different mindset???!!!  Well, that came about when I had someone who rang and wanted to join up over about 18 months ago.  I thought "WHY NOT" hence the name appeared - my Team the "Wai Knots"  since then others have joined and I have enjoyed this change too!!  Some it works for and some it doesn't, but I am happy to suit you to what you need!!!

I am happy to honestly talk about the pros and cons of signing up (what cons????!!! - how can you lose when you sign up and receive heaps of product for free and never ever have to do any more))).... I ask YOU how can you lose???  BUT, if you hang in there, then, there are definite benefits!!!  Risk Free!

Anyway, here is the deal!!!  Close to my Heart have just put out a NEW Consultant Kit!

New Consultant Kit

 Pretty huh!!!  So what other business can you do this....  pay $145 (plus the $23.50 for freight) and receive $352 worth of mostly product PLUS get an $80 Select Product Credit - yup you get to choose some of your Kit!!!  So you get to use what YOU LIKE for yourself OR you get to SELL what YOU LIKE!  Makes selling easy when you LOVE it yourself!  There are papers, stamps and more in the list to choose from, but want to know what is exactly in the main kit:

  • Medium Organizer (Z4139, qty 1)
  • My Acrylix® Block 2" × 6½" (Y1010, qty 1)
  • My Acrylix® Block 1” × 3½" (Y1002, qty 1)
  • My Acrylix® Block 2" × 2" (Y1003, qty 1)
  • Non-Stick Microtip Scissors (Z1836, qty 1)
  • My Acrylix® Stamp Scrubber (Z1782, qty 1)
  • My Acrylix® Spritz Cleaner (1778, qty 1)
  • Bonding Memories™ Glue (1512, qty 1)
  • 3-D Foam Tape (Z1151, qty 1)
  • Sponge (Z697, qty 1)
  • Customer Order Forms (W101AU, qty 1 pack of 25)
  • Annual Inspirations Idea Book (WC1161AZ, qty 5)
  • Seasonal Expressions 2 (WC1163AZ, qty 5)
  • Cardstock Sampler (W1136, qty 1)
  • Paper Fundamentals Sampler (W1137, qty 1)
  • Annual Inspirations B&T Duos™ Sampler (W1138, qty 1)
  • Seasonal Expressions 2 B&T Duos™ Sampler (W1144, qty 1)
  • Artful Textiles—Petite Perks Incentive Stamp Set (W2034, qty 3)
  • Gathering Invitations (W1129, qty 1 pack of 25)
  • Desk Pad (W1140, qty 1 pack of 50)
So you will be up and running - you can view these items on my website

So this can suit a "hobbyist" (someone who LOVES the product to do her own stuff - maybe sells to family and friends and manages to get a reasonable discount and some FREE stuff)


someone who wants to run a small business (likes the flexibility, the NO SET UP COSTS ie don't need a physical shop, overheads are non-existent but wants to work it to earn an income)


someone who wants to run a business full time (all of the above but is committed to growing her business while helping others do the same) 

So whatever your reason for joining, I would LOVE to have YOU on my team and as Close to my Heart says "Let me show you how"....

To clarify you will get:

$352 worth of product

$80 worth of FREE product of your choice (under a list)

Ability to earn more discounted product - instantly 22% discount and possible to earn up to 50% discount (depending on your sales and your Title)

Further free stuff - monthly!!!

your own website for FREE (which you can steer your customers to purchase from and Close to my Heart absorb the credit card fees)  AWESOME EH!!

Low quarterly quota $600 per quarter 

Enjoy flexible hours - around other work, kids or other lifestyles

Access to another website of your own that holds awesome training (Starting with Heart is a great kick off), workshop and project inspirations, how to go about, how to use tools, bulletin boards, blogs, marketing videos, business information

Training events (awesome) and the chance to have more free product

Connect with thousands of other consultants world wide - access to what they do in their businessses (a very helpful friendly lot)

My facebook group - the Wai Knots and other facebook groups that will give you heaps of inspiration, pose a question and receive instant feedback... find obsolete product etc.

Attend some of my workshops for free and training events that I put on or am involved in.

Earn goodies through incentives I run from time to time

I know the list goes on.

Then there is Straight to the Top - a corporate incentive program to get you up and running and you earn awesome goodies (wish I had had these)!!!

AND This month of April MORE goodies to be earned

By ordering $500 in the first 30 days you can earn either $160 in Select Product Credit OR a Free Cricut Collection (worth a similar amount)  AND this $500 counts toward your Straight to the Top Program of goodies.

There is just sooooo much goodies this month.  If you want to chat, then find me on facebook:  Jan Thomas Close to my Heart Independent Consultant and comment or message me

Keen to sign up NOW


Saturday, 12 March 2016

Thin Cuts


Just saw it is ages since doing any posts!!  So thought I would share the latest in Close to My Heart's toolbox - Thin Cuts.

See how Jill has used this cute wee set on "How to use Thin Cuts"!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

6 Tricks That Will Make You Look Great In Every Photo You Take 

Recently my daughter and I had a photo shoot with her friend Monica (a budding photographer)!  I don't know how you feel about having your photo taken, but sometimes it can be just awkward!!

The photographer helps with this but what about taking your own photos!!  If you are feeling shy in front of the camera, chances are you will feel a lot more comfortable with some tips and tricks to make YOU come out great in any photo! 

Photoshoots are supposed to be fun, so the next time you find yourself feeling silly during one, follow these simple tricks to bring out your best self in any picture. 

Photographs can capture any moment of time and save it forever. Perhaps that’s why everybody wants to look perfect on camera. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you look at old snaps of yourself and think, ’I look great here!’

We believe that everybody can look perfect on camera — you just need to know a few simple rules and stick to them. To help you, here’s a great visual guide from professional photographer Jodee Ball which reveals some of the most basic errors people make in photographs — and how to improve them to make sure you look great.

1. Be Carefree

The last thing anyone wants is to look uncomfortable in a photo. It's important to be yourself and have fun! An easy pose that helps break that straight, rigid look so many of us gravitate towards is the "S Shape" as seen above.   Also, if you want to utilize your pockets, make sure that you only put your thumbs in them.

2. Turn Your Body

By turning your body away from the camera by three quarters, you will create a leaner look. On top of that, having your hands properly placed, like in this photo, gives you a more graceful appearance. It's amazing how two simple changes can completely transform a photo!

3. Watch Your Hands

In the first two photos, you saw how much of a difference hand placement can make. If you are going to have them anywhere near your face, make sure they follow your natural contours and avoid having your palms facing the camera. As you can see in this example, the first attempt looks much more awkward than the second. 

4. Lower the Shoulders

This is another great example showing why it's so important not to hide your hands for certain poses. Also, slightly lowering your shoulder improves the look because it elongates the neck and makes you seem more relaxed. 

5. Bend Your Knee

Creating the 'S' shape mentioned earlier improves a side shot by making you look slim and comfortable. This can easily be achieved by bending your kneww and dropping the shoulders.  

6. The Head Tilt

This is a super important tip to follow whenever you are having head-shots taken: never look directly into the camera! Instead, turn your body and slightly tilt your head, which will drastically enhance the look of your portraits.  


Sourse: jpballphotography
Preview photo: jpballphotography

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Just had to share this after our Paper Craft Christmas Party - we all know we are addicted!!!  Had
such fun with you all!!

And congratulations to Karen (who won the biggest raffle we have ever had), Laura who won the door prize and, of course, Michelle who won this: